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Note: Many of these are blank-and will be until I can get them photographed - please bear with me.

Allied: AX-190 w/matching speaker


w/matching speaker

R-100A w/matching speaker
Astro Comm Labs (MIL) SR-201 30-300MHz VHF
BC-348 -(x) (MIL) BC-348-(x) w/matching LS-3 speaker
Collins Receivers: See Collins Receivers page  
Echophone EB-1C  
Grimm RG-8103 HF Multicoupler 1-30MHz; 16 outputs
Gonset G-43 A very nice basic receiver
G-63 A very fine basic receiver
Galaxy (WRL) R-530

w/ rare matching speaker; photo from Brian, W5AMI

Globe (WRL) 65-320 Tube-type rcvr- VERY RARE
Hallicrafters Receivers: See Hallicrafters Receivers pages  
Hammarlund Receivers: See Hammarlund Receivers pages  
Heath GR-64 One of my better receiver rebuilds (not by me)
Icom IC-R-71-A One of my best receivers- right up there w/Drake R-7
ITT Fed Labs CU-1388 / FLR-9 (V) HF Multicoupler 8 Type-C outputs
ITT Mackay-Marine 3031-A One of my better receivers-and a favorite of mine. LF/LF/MF/HF coverage, w/tuneable preselector; +17dBm intercept! 10Hz tuning. Overall, a great receiver!
JRC NRD-515 w/matching speaker &    24 channel memory unit
Kahn RSSB-62-1B Model RSSB-62-1B SSB Receiving Adapter for 455kHz IF; uses 8056 & 7587 Nuvistor Tubes
Morrow CM-1 Conelrad Receiver
Mosley CM-1 All tubes are 6U8s!!
Mu-Del MDP-3300-16 VHF-UHF Multicoupler 16 outputs
National: See National Receivers page  
RACAL: See RACAL Receivers page  
RCA AR-88 Need a bottom for mine!!

R.L. Drake

R4-B w/matching speaker
R-7 10kHz-30MHz

RME 6900*

w/rare matching speaker
Scientific Atlanta GPD-111 USN VLF Receiver
Specialty Products SR-7 WWV Receiver-need schematic!!!
Ten Tec SP-325R (MIL) SP-325
Technical Materiel Corp GPR-90  
GSB-1 SSB Adapter
CV-591A/URR MSR-4 CV-591A/URR Model MSR -4 SSB Receiving Adapter for 455kHz IF (for my R-390-A)
Yaesu FRG-9600 w/TV Adapter and FIF-232C CAT interface
Zenith A-600 The LAST tube model Zenith TransOceanic, complete with original brochures, etc.
Royal 1000 The FIRST transistor model Zenith TransOceanic
Royal 3000 Zenith TransOceanic


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